Who we are – and what

we mean by data driven services.
Data becomes information.

We are not alone - QBRX is part of of a mighty family.

Open, cloud based, communicative - the QBRX development team raised the topic „Data Driven Services” to the next level. Gain even more out of your machine and device data, by making them easily useable for your service department. As IoT Service Desk QBRX builds a bridge between the Internet of Things and your business processes and service portfolio.

QBRX enables you to optimize your processes and helps you deliver new value added services - across all industries and easily adjustable to your business needs.

Of course, the idea of QBRX did not fall from sky, but evolved out of our daily business and contact to our clients. Beside QBRX - we are a specialist for building and process automation, retail facility and energy management. As part of the Hörburger AG, the QBRX team helps the company to deliver Data Driven Services and simplifies the daily work of our service team for quite some time.

The best, now - with QBRX as IoT Service Desk - you can do the same. And if needed we are happy help you with integrating your devices and machines with QBRX - get the all around worry free package from us, NOW!

We developed QBRX for you.

Want to try out QBRX? Get your free access now!

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