What can QBRX achieve?

The functions.
A solution for every task.
Overview of your energy consumption?
You would also like to see the development over a specific time range? Collect and archive this data and many more in real time in QBRX. Access what you got from everywhere at anytime, visualize your preferred time range and compare them to data from the past.
Start your workflow!
You want to introduce a ticket system to your company to efficiently plan the maintenance and problem solving tasks? These and more can be organized in QBRX. Once a problem occurs or a maintenance is needed, everybody of your team knows what to do and your workflows will automatically start.
Alarm monitoring
The energy consumption of your air conditioning systems gets worse, but don't worry: QBRX informs you about it. You define alarm rules for every problem that might occur and enjoy the advantage of a well structured fault management that takes care of every inconvenience.

More functions in QBRX:

The room temperature is too low but you are not on site to take action? With QBRX you can optimize this and other parameters remotely. You can even comfortably control your technical equipment anytime, from anywhere.

You are looking for up to date circuit diagrams for a specific system, or you want to get an impression of the situation on site? Just take a look at your QBRX platform. Here you will find these and many other important documents, as well as photo documentation, always up to date and at your fingertips.

You need to submit a report with the most important KPIs to the executive management once every 2 weeks? With QBXR you can create the necessary reports fully automatically, with the precise content and periods that you need. Numerous standard functions will support you in this. You also have the option of creating customized reports.

You are looking for technical data for one of your air-conditioning units, but you can’t find the documents anywhere? This won't happen with QBXR. Simply capture and manage all technical building equipment data on our platform and you will always have it available with a single click

Your IT wants to capture servers and computer systems on QBRX in order to always know what needs to be replaced and when? The complete inventory of any facility can be captured for management purposes on our online platform.

You need the energy consumption per square meter or the share of energy costs per manufactured part? QBRX automatically calculates all KPIs and indicators relevant for your company. With our KPI editor you can easily create customized KPIs in addition to standard KPIs.

You need a descriptive monthly trend of last year’s energy consumption? The relevant bar chart can be created with one single click. Discover our extensive portfolio of analysis tools and diagrams. They will help you to quickly and conveniently analyze and display data captured in the system.

We developed QBRX for you.

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