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and where we come from.
The history of QBRX.

We are not alone - QBRX is part of of a bigfamily.

The idea for QBRX didn’t come out of the blue but was a result of the daily contact with our customers. We’re part of the Hörburger AG - a company that offers various comprehensive and individual IoT solutions besides QBRX, such as intelligent building automation, control cabinet construction, retail facility management, energy management and machine automation.

For the optimal implementation of our projects, we needed an IoT platform that could do both,first, provide an overview of all the facilities we manage and, second, support us in monitoring and maintaining them. However, no existing platform was able to meet our exceptions. We didn’t want to compromise and therefore started the IoT Service Desk QBRX in the summer of 2015.

As a part of Hörburger AG, the QBRX team has been working on a platform for the efficient setup and support of projects. Our work greatly benefited our project engineers and service staff in their daily work. Over time, our platform, team and experience have grown. In 2018, we decided that QBRX is finally ready to be released for general public.

QBRX can also help you with the realization of your projects. X sites with x data points at x facilities are connected to QBRX and you can become a part of it.

We developed QBRX for you.

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