This is the

philosophy behind QBRX.
QBRX and we have a lot in common.

Open and flexible

QBRX is an open and flexible system – just like the Hörburger AG. We don’t shy away from individual customer requests. Instead, we see it as one of our strength to find custom solutions for every problem.


It’s not all about technology technique and plants, but about the people operating them. That’s why QBRX is simple and easy to understand while offering features for detailed data analysis.


During the last 45 years, we realized various projects and therefore know what it takes and where extra attention is needed. For this reason, we focus on reducing all time-consuming tasks of our project engineers. With the extra time at hand, they can better concentrate on what is important.


We have a lot of practical experience and know what reality looks like. That’s why we don’t build our platform to match data points. Instead, the structure of your projects is based on reality. Therefore, even with a great deal of information, you’ll intuitively find what you are looking for.

We developed QBRX for you.

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