Data driven services
give you the chance,
[to monitor central parameters of your systems and]
to minimize downtime and maintenance
for your customers.
QBRX for engineering companies

Expand your business model of your sold machines and systems.

The system is sold and installed. The customer is satisfied. The deal is finished. Done? QBRX enables you to expand your value added, create long-lasting customer relationships and increase the customers’ satisfaction. Product-as-a-service is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

What applications does QBRX use to achieve these values added?

QBRX offers various possibilities to perform time saving and reliable remote maintenances for your customers whilst offering an easy and clear way to plan everything. The workflow is organized with the help of the integrated ticket system that also offers access to all relevant data of your machines and systems. This guarantees smoother maintenances and a happy service team.

Prevention is the solution to all problems: You define individual rules for thresholds of your machines, supported by the intelligent early detection system. You automatically receive a notification as soon as an anomaly is detected. Like this, you can identify problems before they become acute, can react with appropriate measure like remote maintenances, reduce downtime and guarantee a continuous usage of your machines and systems.

With QBRX you only need one platform for your service and documentation. You organize your tasks and collect all documents relevant for your service, like technical details of systems and devices, photos, circuit diagrams and their technical documentation – everything on one central platform. Every employee can up- and download what they need, no matter where they are.

Transparency and values added build trust: comprehensible data is the best argument for your own actions. QBRX informs you, and on request your customers, too, about consumption and production data, key values, maintenance reports and more. Your customers could also get their own login to have a look at their data whenever they wish and to use the ticket system to directly communicate with you. This value added raises the customers trust in you and your service.

How can QBRX support you?

We are mobile!

QBRX is a cloud software that can be used on every device.

Espacially PCs and tablets allow you to use QBRX comfortably from anywhere.