Data driven services are your solution
[ that only requires low start-up investments and ]
with which you can monitor the lify cycle costs of your facilities online at a glance.

QBRX for facility managers

Compare your facilities with the help of individual benchmarks and optimize your life cycle costs.

You’re responsible for ten, hundred or a thousand sites across the country and need a reliable tool to technically and energetically manage them? Then QBRX is the right place for you.

You register your sites at QBRX including all meters, air conditioners, alarm systems and equipment. There all data is collected, and you work with it. Whether you want to optimize the energy requirements of your stores, configure air conditioning and lighting, or manage internal tasks, QBRX lets you do it all and more.

Optimize the life cycle costs of your facilities

With QBRX you always have an overview of the energy consumption of your locations. No matter how many buildings you manage – you compare the current and historical consumption with each other in benchmarks and tables and quickly find out how to improve them. At the same time, you can quickly and easily evaluate the optimization measures you have taken. If, for example, you have installed a new air-conditioning system in a store, you can immediately analyze the key figures and tell how the conversion has affected energy consumption. Plus, if the result is positive, you can extend this measure to other locations.

You can manage the regular tasks of all locations on a single platform via the integrated issue tracking system and the maintenance calendar, for example a regular maintenance such as filter replacement for air conditioning systems.

In addition, QBRX warns you if there are problems. Either one of your devices sends its own fault message to QBRX, or QBRX determines that there is a problem based on defined limit values. For example, if the temperature is unexpectedly low, indicating a malfunction of the A/C system, you will receive a message and can act before something bad happens. Since everything is centrally controlled by QBRX, information does not have to be passed on cumbersomely, but ends up directly with the person responsible.

QBRX also helps you with the remote parameterization of your systems. You no longer have to check everything on site but can record the status of many properties at a glance in QBRX and react to the wishes of your local employees on site with just a few clicks. At the same time, your employees are relieved by the central maintenance via QBRX and operating errors can thus be avoided. If, for example, you want to change the control for the automatic outdoor lighting during the winter months, it is sufficient to adjust the schedule in QBRX.

  • QBRX is officially BAFA listed as a software for energy management. This makes QBRX eligible for funding!
  • QBRX can be used in companies that carry out their energy management according to ISO 50001.

QBRX ensures that you always have an overview of everything

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QBRX is a cloud software that can be used on every device.

Espacially PCs and tablets allow you to use QBRX comfortably from anywhere.