Data driven services are your chance,
[ to save significant energy and maintenance costs and ]
to coordinate all processes and machines in one system.

QBRX for the production industry

Use already existing data to raise the efficiency of your production.

Optimization is key in production. Machines and systems deliver vast amounts of data about their consumption, production and state. In QBRX you collect all this information at one place and actively work with it. This enables you to identify problems before they become serious, minimize downtime and monitor all of your production data. In other words: our intuitive software helps you optimizing your production.

What is the best monitoring and reporting good for if the implementation is awfully cumbersome? QBRX makes it easy for you. (ERP-)Systems centered around a data base like SAP can be linked to the platform. On request, it is also possible to directly integrate automation systems into QBRX. Don’t worry if you don’t have an interface yet – we’ll gladly help you out.

With QBRX, you identify problems before they become acute. Individually defined rules for limit values and intelligent early diagnosis mechanisms help you to react at the right time in order to minimize downtime. The integrated ticket system supports you with the solution of suddenly occurring problems and the internal organization of regular maintenances. QBRX has all tools ready for an efficient workflow.

How much energy is consumed for the production of one unit? What about the CO2 emission? Are my machines utilized evenly? Once the relevant production and consumption data as well as parameters and key figures are in QBRX, it’s easy to answer these questions. A transparent process analysis will give you realistic target values for an efficient optimization of your production.

QBRX is a Bafa listed IoT energy management software and can be subsidized.The same thing goes for companies that manage their energy according to ISO 50001!


How can QBRX improve your production?

We are mobile!

QBRX is a cloud software that can be used on every device.

Espacially PCs and tablets allow you to use QBRX comfortably from anywhere.