Internet of Things
runs on Niagara.
With QBRX you manage
and maintain it.
QBRX for Niagara user

With QBRX you get the best out of your data.

Niagara already is your preferred framework for the integration and automation of data? Then it’s time to make QBRX your IoT service desk. QBRX offers a modern and intuitive web interface that can comfortably be linked to Niagara.

Analyze, manage and maintain your data. Assign tasks via the ticket system. Organize your own workflow! QBRX is versatile and provides many tools for your data analysis. This is how your data becomes real information.

How it works? It’s easier than you might think:

You can use historic data as well as master data and the many tools available in QBRX for your analysis. The integrated service desk keeps you in the loop about appearing problems and helps organizing solutions in workflows and assigning tasks to project members. Remote maintenance and the possibility to deposit data sheets and photo documentation are also part of QBRX.

QBRX is easy to use for Niagara users thanks to the plug-in we developed: the QBR Connector – a service that can be installed at your Niagara AX and N4 stations.

Once registered, Niagara sends QBRX, among other things, historic data that can be collected and analyzed. Adjustable schedules and parameters allow you to easily to maintain your Niagara controlled systems from anywhere. Use QBRX as your central alarm console and organize the solution of problems with the help of the integrated ticket system.

The setup itself can completely be done in Niagara. There is no additional effort in QBRX. The otherwise usual time-consuming import of data point lists is eliminated, as well as the related potential for errors.

To use the QBRX Connector for Niagara behind a firewall, the connection set-up is always made from Niagara to QBRX. This saves you from risky port forwarding and your IT department will be grateful.

There are no additional costs besides the QBRX and Niagara licenses. The QBRX Connector plugin is a Niagara service and will therefore not affect your used Niagara license.

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