QBRX is your tool
[ to monitor a variety of devices and ]
to identify technical problems before they become acute.

QBRX for technical service providers

Use data to sell the perfect service to your customers.

The perfect service is invisible: it ensures a smooth operation, ideally without downtime and unnecessary reparations of the devices.

Above all, one thing is necessary for this: permanent information about the state of all devices that are within your area of responsibility.

QBRX bundles all machine data in an intuitive operable and meaningful interface. What does the current production and consumption data look like? Which resources are needed? When does the next maintenance interval start? Where do we approach problematic limit values? Technical service providers can react proactively based on this data. What about the perfect service? It becomes your successful business model.

The perfect service includes many aspects. Here are some examples:

Prevention is the problems’ solution: You define individual rules for limit values of your devices and are supported by the intelligent early detection of problems in our system. You automatically receive a notification as soon as an anomaly is detected. Like this, you can identify problems before they become acute and can react with appropriate measure like remote maintenances. Preventively, long-term maintenance intervals can be defined as well as assigned to service employees via the integrated ticket system.

Comprehensible data is the best argument for your own actions. QBRX informs you and your customers about consumption and production data, key figures, maintenance reports and more. On request, your customers can also have their own login to QBRX to retrace their data in real time and communicate with you via the ticket system. This added value raises the customers’ trust in you as their service provider.

QBRX expands the monitoring and reporting function by a ticket system. Like this, you can not only organize the solution of problems but also clearly reproduce their solutions at a later time. You have access to QBRX anywhere and anytime and can communicate your workflow in real time – whether in the office or whilst visiting your customer.

How to establish your software-as-a-service model with QBRX:

We are mobile!

QBRX is a cloud software that can be used on every device.

Espacially PCs and tablets allow you to use QBRX comfortably from anywhere.